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An appetizer is a really great way to stimulate the appetite and get your customers excited for more. With the colder months coming on the way, more people than ever will be craving for more delicious appetizers and pies!

What makes an appetizer appealing? The first place to start is with fresh ingredients that make your mouth water. The following details you should consider are size, compatibility with your menu, and creativity.

Read more to learn about the importance of appetizers and fall pies you need to make for the fall and winter seasons!

Why Brewpubs Need Foods and Appetizer Menus

Brewpubs are known for being exceptionally cozy, offering a warm environment filled with good beer and delectable appetizers. Finger foods allow your customers to stimulate their appetite without becoming too full!

McCain Foods provides brewpubs and restaurants with high-quality, specialty appetizer ingredients. You can order individual ingredients or have pre-made items to speed things along! McCain Foods is one of our proud vendors at Pohl.

Try these menu items on for size to whet your customer’s appetite:

The Top Autumn Pies and Baking Menu Ideas

If your customers are eager to satisfy their sweet tooth, you need to add some pies to your menu. The holiday season is prime for autumn pies and tiny pastries!

Ardent Mills is a specialized flour-milling company that empowers restaurants to provide healthy, holistic options to health-conscious customers, and we are proud to carry many of their ingredients!

Great Pies You Should Make

Did you know pumpkin pie is one of the most popular pies today? Try the following pies on for size as you near the holiday season:

  • Pumpkin pie
  • Apple pie
  • Pecan pie
  • Sweet potato pie
  • Custard-filled pastries


Quality food service matches fresh ingredients with the ultimate convenience. Contact us today so our vendors can improve your menu offerings!

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