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Best Pizza Ingredients To Use

October is National Pizza Month: Celebrate with the Right Ingredients

It’s time to celebrate National Pizza Month!  Baking the best pizza requires using the highest-quality and freshest ingredients you can find.  Let’s examine some of the ingredients we recommend to create your delicious masterpiece.

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How Did Pizza Become a Favorite American Food?

In the 19th century, the simple Italian dish was introduced into the United States by immigrants that used ingredients from their hometowns.  New York’s Little Italy became the first place in the country to offer pizza by a Neapolitan immigrant named Gennaro Lombardi.

During the Great Depression, families didn’t have any money, and pizza rose in popularity with every household in the United States.  Even at that stage, most of the pizza made was limited to the communities of Italian immigrants.

Once World War II was finished, American soldiers came home craving the beloved pizza from Italy.  By the time 1950 came around, pizza had become one of the most popular foods on the American family’s dinner plate.

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Best Pizza Ingredients To Use

It’s vital to find the highest-quality and freshest ingredients for your pizza.  Below is a list of our leading products for our pizza restaurants.


Take your pick of over 25 different cheeses, including feta, blue cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, and much more!  Cheese makes pizza incredibly delicious and tasty and many people today choose to eat pizzas with cheese as a topping.


Pepperoni is an essential ingredient when making pizza and is usually the most used meat.  Make sure you create uniqueness in every pizza by offering different pepperoni varieties, including pepperoni margherita, pepperoni sliced jalapenos, beef halal pepperoni, and several more choices.


The additional toppings after pepperoni are crucial as they create the final element of quality and freshness.  Pohl Food Service has several produce types, including cherry tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and other vegetables and herbs.

Tomato Sauce

And what pizza is complete without tomato sauce?  Choose from various tomato and white sauces that will surely excite your customer’s taste buds.

Let Pohl Food Service handle all of your restaurant supply needs.  Contact us today for quality ingredients delivered directly to your restaurant!

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