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Restaurants will have to meet all customers’ expectations for dining in a post-coronavirus world. This will mean gloves and masks for employees, social distancing, and convenient pickup and delivery options.

Safety and Sanitation

To feel safe, customers expect restaurants to be spotless, with signs of sanitation in progress. Safety used to be assumed when people would go out to restaurants. Now, it is the top priority for many. When asked which measures make them feel safe while dining in a restaurant again, consumers surveyed the following:

  • spaced out tables — 40%
  • masked employees — 39%
  • common areas wiped regularly — 39%
  • restrooms extremely clean — 39%

Clear Communication

Restaurant policies must be clearly communicated to let customers know what is expected of them and what the restaurant is doing to keep their guests safe. A customer won’t want to come back if they have been embarrassed in any way. The same goes for delivery and takeout. Some lack of communication can make consumers uncertain about safety protocols and hours of operation.


To boost business, restaurants have to keep their prices manageable and make delivery easy for consumers. Curbside pickup is incredibly popular, with 50% of consumers saying that they would continue to use curbside pickup. Family meals are also popular and will remain so.


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