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Welcome July with a Pohl Picnic!

Welcome July with a Pohl Picnic!

July is the perfect time to offer your customers picnic and outdoor dining ideas! Not only will it create the right summer vibes, but it also creates a theme you can incorporate into your menu or product offering.

Here are some of the BEST picnic dining ideas and themes:

  • Picnic Dishes from Around the World
  • Caribbean Inspired Picnic
  • Oktoberfest of Meats, Cheese, and Seasonings
  • Ballpark Food You’d Find at a Game
  • Nautical Menu & Décor

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To create the aesthetic, you’ll want to order cheeses, deli meats, summertime beverages, fruit, and veggies from Pohl! And don’t forget to look through our delicious desserts to complete the theme.


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