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The BEST Fried Chicken Sandwich!


Fried chicken sandwiches seem to be all people are talking about lately. This is because it is incredibly universal and always a crowd-pleaser. With delicious, soft bread, pickles, and a high quality fried chicken sandwich, no one can resist it. Additional ingredients can be added to make it sweet or spicy, too. It is complex, yet simple. It is a food truck staple, a diner classic, and a best-seller at an endless number of restaurants.

People may have the option of getting fried chicken at fast food restaurants, but nothing is better than a sandwich with fresh and high quality ingredients from a restaurant. There are many different ways to prepare this sandwich. It comes with contrasts in temperature — in most cases, hot chicken with some type of cool sauce, whether that be a mayo or spicy aioli. Whatever ingredients that are chosen, the quality of them are very important and can make or break the sandwich.

Pohl Food Service has all of the ingredients that are needed to create a masterpiece of a fried chicken sandwich. Whether it be spicy coleslaw with jalapeños and sriracha aioli or pickles with hot honey, we can assist you in adding this item to your menu.


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