Say Hello to the New Year with Pohl Foods!


The new year is an exciting time of celebration. Your customers will come together with family and friends over enormous meals to ring in the new year. So, what could be better than providing your customers with authentic specialty products from Pohl Foods? We have the traditional favorites and focus on emerging trends in foods to build your revenue!

Mediterranean foods have become popular everywhere for their health benefits and delicious, intricate flavors. Your restaurant will profit by providing these dishes mainly consisting of whole foods – vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Your customers are becoming increasingly concerned about their health and are looking for establishments that offer healthier options. Don’t miss out on this share of the food service market.

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Here are a few dishes perfect for gatherings:

  • Fresh pizza: we provide all the ingredients from the flour, premade crusts, gluten-free crusts, meats to the cheeses.
  • Mediterranean dishes: we provide fresh produce and high-quality items, like pita bread, tzatziki, gyro cones, hummus, and spreads. 
  • Mexican dishes: we carry a variety of high-quality meats, sauces, and cheeses.


Enjoy your new year with Pohl Foods! We provide a full line of authentic specialty products along with our specialized group to help you build your revenue. Check out our product line HERE.

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