Pohlfoodservice Produce

Turning Fresh Produce into Tasty Side Dishes with Pohl Food Service!

Choosing popular, healthy side options for your menu can be a challenge. Luckly, Pohl Food Service offers fresh produce that makes it easy to serve health-conscious, yet delicious side dishes your customers will LOVE. Quinoa Salad: Fluffy quinoa mixed in with diced cucumbers & a zesty lemon dressing or vinaigrette is the perfect way to dress up your side dish

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Pohl Foodservice Chicken Wings

Fall Into Flavor with Quality Ingredients

The autumn season is the unofficial return of beloved comfort food classics. The onset of colder weather drives increased demand for rich pastas, steaming bowls of chili, and all the comfort food dishes that do more than warm the belly, but warm the soul. Pohl Food Service is the partner you can count on for the high-quality ingredients to deliver

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Use a Variety of Meats to Create Cultural Favorites!

Countries around the world use specific types of meat to form dishes that represent their culture. For example, a juicy carnitas taco is instantly connected to Mexican food culture. A warm, steaming meatball is associated with the rich tradition of Italian food. The globalization of the food industry has allowed customers to enjoy popular cultural dishes from countries all around

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Pohlfoodservice Cheese

Enjoy Signature, Standout Flavor Through the Menu with Quality Cheese

Cheese is an essential staple of the American diet that is used to create all types of mouthwatering recipes. Whether served in a premium-priced charcuterie board or used in your best-selling pizza, a variety of different cheese is key to serving your customers a versatile menu filled with standout specials! Here are some of our favorite cheeses that will deliver signature

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