National Dairy Month Just Got Cheesier!

National Dairy Month just got cheesier with Pohl Food! Read this cheesy guide to learn more. Related: Appetizer’s for a Sizzlin’ Summer National Dairy Month Pohl Food sells many delicious cheese varieties that you can use to celebrate National Dairy Month. You can purchase cheese pizza, cheese curds, cheese slices, and diced cheese from Pohl Food. We suggest making nachos,

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Appetizers for a Sizzlin’ Summer!

It’s summertime & that means pool parties, warmer weather, & FOOD. Don’t have your customers waiting for their main course too long, after all it all starts with the appetizers. Get prepped for hungry customers with fresh ingredients from Pohl Food Service!  Related: Burgers! Burgers! Burgers! Heat up & serve with Pohl’s available appetizers including onion rings, jalapeño poppers, egg

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Get Your Grill On!

  With the summer holidays around the corner, it’s time to get grillin’! Celebrate Father’s Day, 4th of July, or other festivities & offer memorable dishes for anyone to enjoy. Delight your customers with juicy, seasoned meats & flavorful starters from Pohl Food Service! Whether you want hot dogs or burgers, we have an array of meats to choose from.

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Burgers! Burgers! Burgers!

  You can NEVER go wrong offering flavorful burgers to your menu. After all, burgers are the perfect All-American meal. Read on to learn how to make juicy burgers with Pohl Food Service. Related: The Best Fried Chicken Sandwich! Pohl Foods offers high-quality ingredients to make burgers just in time for summer. Get your grill on and satisfy customers with

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Mexican Cuisine Just Got TASTIER

  Who doesn’t love the flavorful dishes Mexican cuisine has to offer? It’s is one of the tastiest cuisines around & using the right ingredients, it’s sure to attract customers all around! Read on to learn how to make your Mexican cuisine tastier with Pohl Food. Related: Top Fresh Recipes for 2022 You can make your Mexican dishes tastier for

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Offer Mother’s Day Specialties with Pohl!

Families will choose to order takeout or delivery instead of cooking, so it is important for restaurants to offer items that people normally enjoy on Mother’s Day. It’s an opportunity to create a special menu that will stay fresh with takeout and delivery. Brunch options could include fresh frittata or quiche to satisfy those with that savory craving. Consumers also

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The BEST Fried Chicken Sandwich!

  Fried chicken sandwiches seem to be all people are talking about lately. This is because it is incredibly universal and always a crowd-pleaser. With delicious, soft bread, pickles, and a high quality fried chicken sandwich, no one can resist it. Additional ingredients can be added to make it sweet or spicy, too. It is complex, yet simple. It is

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What Do Customers Want from Restaurants?

  Restaurants will have to meet all customers’ expectations for dining in a post-coronavirus world. This will mean gloves and masks for employees, social distancing, and convenient pickup and delivery options. Safety and Sanitation To feel safe, customers expect restaurants to be spotless, with signs of sanitation in progress. Safety used to be assumed when people would go out to

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Enjoy a BLT All Month Long!

Who doesn’t love a classic sandwich? The simple yet fresh ingredients in a sandwich make for a perfect lunch or dinner option. BLTs are one of the most beloved sandwiches, and your customers can enjoy them all month long with the help of Pohl Foods! Related: Have a Cheesy National Grilled Cheese Day National BLT Month is April, and you

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Have a CHEESY National Grilled Cheese Day!

  Your business does not necessarily have to advertise a National Grilled Cheese Day campaign. But never assume the consumer is unaware. It makes financial sense to highlight cheese dishes or products running up to and during this event! National Grilled Cheese Day was conceptualized in the advertising world of the 1960s and is celebrated every April 12th. The typical

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