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Incorporate Fruit into Your Spring Menu!


Not only is fruit extremely healthy, but it’s also very versatile. While various melons and berries taste great plain, you can also use them in a variety of dishes. Here are a few ways to incorporate fruit into your menu:

DRINKS: Fruit infused water makes the perfect addition to beverages on your menu, whether they’re alcoholic or non-alcoholic! For something very simple, just slice up some strawberries, lemon and mint and add the ingredients to your water.

SALAD TOPPINGS: Forget croutons – it’s time to make melon slices your new go-to salad topping. You can slice your cantaloupe into tiny chunks, or you can use a mini melon scooper to make the perfect size for your salads. Pomegranate seeds also made a good crunch and fresh topping in any salad.

DESSERTS: Fruit is sweet enough as-is to enjoy as a tasty, healthy dessert. You can also make any fruit pudding or gelato!


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