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Grow Your Pasta Offerings!


Pasta is one of the most popular dishes in the world. It is defined by the variety in color, taste, and texture that provides consumers with countless recipes to enjoy. Between a thick Bolognese sauce featuring tender meat to a light white sauce featuring luscious linguini, pasta can be enjoyed and savored in many ways.

Pohl Food Service has an expansive collection of pastas to fulfill your customers diverse pasta demands and help your restaurant increase sales. Below are 5 popular pastas that can be used to form many different kinds of mouth-watering favorites:

  • FARFALLE: Commonly referred to as “bowtie pasta”, farfalle is a versatile pasta that can be creatively used to form a visibly appealing dish.
  • ELBOW MACARONI: This pasta is generally associated with macaroni and cheese, but it can also be paired with traditional Italian sauces.
  • LINGUINI: Defined by its long, soft strands, linguini is an ideal pasta to combine with a hearty, red meat sauce to form a delectable offering for your customers.
  • LASAGNA: This staple of Italian culture is a vital element to any pasta offering. Add rich ricotta cheese and fresh tomatoes to form a lasagna dish that will leave your customers fully satisfied.


Contact Pohl Food Service to learn more about how our product catalog can provide your restaurant with the ingredients to meet and exceed the demands of your valued customers!

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