Pohl Spicy Day 8.2

August 19th is Hot and Spicy Day, and Pohl Foods can help you celebrate. Read on to learn more.

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The best way to celebrate Hot and Spicy Day is to serve up some delicious dishes for your customers. When most people think of spicy food, they think of Mexican food, so be sure to incorporate some Mexican dishes into your menu.

Some Mexican dishes you might want to incorporate include tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. Pohl Foods can help you out, as they offer taco meat, seasoning, shells, and hot sauce. You can also order Catallia tortillas from Pohl Foods in various sizes to make burritos, soft shell tacos, or enchiladas. Additionally, you can incorporate the hot sauce into a variety of dishes. Catallia tortillas are also perfect for breakfast items as well!

Pohl also offers other spicy foods, like spicy Italian sausage, Spicy Cilantro Shrug Sauce, and spicy wings. The opportunities are endless, so don’t miss out on celebrating with your customers!


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